TVD-160 Series HD-SDI Multiplexer

Tracer Aviation’s TVD-160 is a HD-SDI video amplifier designed for use in aircraft. The unit offers multiple outputs with no time delay or lag and is suited to live video applications such as airborne surveillance.

The TVD-160 is available as a simple amplifier or can be ordered with a quad screen generator and/or a video signal conversion function.

The unit multiplexes and routes up to sixteen (16) HD-SDI video inputs to sixteen (16) HD-SDI non-blocking outputs. Any input may be routed to one or up to all sixteen (16) of the outputs simultaneously with no lag or appreciable delay.

Typical installation of a TVD-160 Series HD Multiplexer (with QUAD option):

TVD-160 Web Fixed Routing Quad
Typically the unit is used to multiply outputs from an on-board camera system to multiple sources such as video displays, video recorders and microwave/datalinks. In complex aircraft the unit can be daisy-chained with other units to provide a very comprehensive solution to video routing.

The unit can be operated stand alone as a fixed output distribution amplifier or it may be connected to a Tracer Aviation system data bus carrying proprietary control data from Tracer Aviation mission displays and video recorders. The unit retains previously set input to output routing connections when the power is removed.

In addition to the multiplexing function, the unit can be supplied with  a quad image generator and a video conversion unit.

Quad image generator function:

Any four (4) of the inputs may be routed to an internal quad image generator that can show four inputs combined as four individual quadrant images to a single output. The output of the quad is routed back into the switching matrix where it can then be fed to any of the outputs for onward distribution as a quad image

Video conversion function:

An internal converter is linked to the matrix to allow a wide range of analogue signal formats to be accepted and converted to a range of  analogue outputs thus providing a very flexible solution to aircraft integrators (see product datasheet for details).

Typical installation of a TVD-160 Series HD Multiplexer (basic amplifier configuration):

TVD-160 - Fixed Routing Basic WEB

Product datasheet