Powerline, Pipeline & Overhead Cable Surveys

Using Tracer Aviation’s TVR-HD1MET combined video recorder and metadata transport stream encoder users are able to quickly pinpoint and report on survey hotspots or incidents either using recorded data or a live output from the recorder to a microwave link transmitter.

  • Record high definition video
  • Record metadata from on-board camera systems
  • Combine video & metadata into a transport stream for onward live transmission
  • Record ‘event markers’ during flight
  • Play back mission with mapping showing exact location of video image

Surveys on existing power line infrastructure reveal the condition of the power lines and provides information and solutions on requirements for re-tensioning, eliminating or reducing the propensity for flash-overs, or under-clearances. Storm damage assessment, LiDar & thermal imaging surveys are commonly used by operators and Tracer Aviation’s combined video and metadata recorder enable instant playback of identified problem areas either on the ground or transmitted live back to ground stations or mobile receiver sites.