Oil Spill & Environmental Control Applications

Using Tracer Aviations’s combined video recorder & metadata transport stream technology users are able to identify and broadcast the exact co-ordinates of marine spill and other environmental issues.

Tracer’s TVR-HD1MET unit enables users to simultaneously record high definition video with metadata and instantly use the transport stream for onward live transmission via microwave link for instant analysis and response mission planning.

A ground or sea based response team are able to view the video and see the precise co-ordinates of the problem in real-time using commonly available mapping technology or our own playback software.

Aerial reconnaissance is an essential element of effective response to marine oil spills. It is used for assessing the location and extent of oil contamination and verifying predictions of the movement and size of oil slicks at sea. Aerial surveillance provides information facilitating deployment and control of operations at sea, the timely protection of sites along threatened coastlines and the preparation of resources for response teams.