News Release: Tracer Aviation launch new high definition airborne video recorder

Friday 19th, October 2012


Tracer Aviation launch high definition helicopter video recorder

Tracer Aviation, the Cambridge (UK) based developer of specialist airborne video equipment, has launched a new range of High Definition rugged airborne video recorders to meet demand from the airborne surveillance sector which is increasingly using the latest generation of HD camera systems.

Following market feedback,  Tracer’s new multi-channel recording deck will handle a single channel of high definition video and, in addition, up to 4 channels of standard definition analogue video simultaneously.

Chief Technology Officer Anthony McQuiggan says that although end users now wanted to capture critical video surveillance in HD, there is still an overriding demand to record in standard definition  as well in order to capture all cameras and allow for ease of file management & retention of video for later use.

Tracer’s new recorder enables users to replay any video during flight even whilst still recording. Solid state removable disks allow for easy transfer of video from the aircraft to ground replay stations, and features such as ‘event markers’ and recording of camera metadata make the unit the ideal choice for use with high end camera systems.

For military markets, Tracer’s recorder offers features such as video encryption and a self-destruct mode to instantly destroy all recorded video & data in emergency situations.

Other video recording products in Tracer’s range include 4 channel HD and 4 channel SD recorders.

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