Ancillary Equipment

mission workstationIntegrated mission systems often require ancillary components to ‘glue’ the individual parts together. We supply a number of useful black boxes designed to help aircraft installers simplify the integration process. Products include GPS splitters, video amplification, remote control units and indicators. We also manage video conversion from complex radar signals to standard computer or video interfaces and convert moving map or computer images to video to enable live transmission or recording.

Our products are designed to deliver to the user the highest quality video images in the aircraft to maximise mission capability. In addition, the same high quality video is routed to ancillary equipment such as video recorders and datalinks.

Video distribution, quad image compiler & video conversion unit

Our TVD-160 series multiplexer is our most common video amplifier and includes options for producing a quad screen view from any four video sources. Further options include video conversion allowing for a multitude of applications from one simple unit.

The TVD-160 is essentially a comprehensive video matrix allowing up to 14 HD-SDi video inputs to be amplified, distributed or converted to multiple outputs. For example one input can be amplified to anywhere between 2 & 12 outputs. Or, 4 different inputs can be amplified to 3 sets of outputs enabling each of the video sources to be used on multiple screens, datalinks, video recorders etc.

The Quad option on the TVD-160 allows a quad view image to be constructed from 4 live video inputs and then output as a quad on a single channel to multiple sources. This can be especially useful where an operator wants to record all of his video sources only using a single channel to record them on.