TVR-HD1SD4 High Definition Video & Data Recorder


Tracer - TVR-HD1SD4-01 Front SSD out ISO 12613-11Tracer Aviation’s TVR-HD1SD4 is a multi-channel rugged video recorder designed specifically to cater for users of the latest generation of high definition video camera systems.

Using the latest video processing technologies, Tracer’s video recorder enables the user to record 1 channel of very high resolution HD video plus up to 4 channels of standard definition video simultaneously.In addition, the TVR-HD1SD4 will record the metadata information from an airborne camera system.

The TVR-HD1SD4 offers a perfect compromise between capture of essential video in pure HD and all other channels in high quality standard definition thereby delivering excellent mission recordings in a reasonable file size.

Tracer Aviation also offer a 4 channel HD recorder & a 4 channel SD recorder as well as a KLV transport stream recorder to enable metadata to be embedded with the video in both the recording and for live transmission from the aircraft via microwave datalink.

Features include:

  • 1 channel of highest quality HD recording plus…Tracer - TVR-HD1SD4-01 Front SSD Hand ISO 12613-22
  • Up to 4 channels of SD recording
  • Individual audio on each channel
  • HD outputs
  • Automatic file save as a result of power disruption
  • Playback in flight whilst still recording
  • Easily removable solid state drive
  • Video playback on any PC
  • 30 seconds pre-record feature – records before user switches on
  • Multiple video inputs
  • Metadata recording & streaming
  • Encryption option
  • Disk self distruct option (military variant)
  • Record RGB/VGA & STANAG 3350
  • Small & lightweight design yet rugged for harsh environments
  • optional encoding , recording and output of transport streams over ethernet
  • Can be controlled locally or via a Tracer Aviation mission video display