TMD 270 Series Mission Display

10.6″ Widescreen High Definition Mission Display

Tracer Aviation’s 10.6″ high definition (HD) mission display offers industry leading display technology and HD resolution.
Standard features include multiple video and computer inputs. The display can handle both HD and SD video in all formats in addition to STANAG 3350B & C and VGA from onboard moving maps and mission computers. Using the latest backlighting and video processing developments, Tracer’s display delivers outstanding video clarity specially designed for use in an airborne environment and for use with the latest generation of gyrostabilised sensor systems from all the leading manufacturers. Standard features and options include:

  • NVG mode
  • Quad split screen
  • Embedded i7 computer option
  • HD outputs
  • Touch screen control of other equipment
  • Touch screen & multitouch
  • Multiple video inputs
  • VGA/RGB inputs
  • NTSC & PAL
  • Small & lightweight design

TMD 270 series product datasheet